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Whether it's a legal high smoking herb, an herbal high alternative to an illegal drug or just some tools of the trade then look no further!

We have a wide range of herbal highs, legal highs, legal drugsroom odourisers and sexual stimulants all available for prompt delivery at cheap prices; remember, - the more you buy the more you save!

Strange Avenue - Your one stop shop for legal highs and herbal highs, both smoking, tablet and powder. We stock Salvia and Sno Blow (Snow Blow) and offer cheap prompt worldwide delivery.



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  • Snow Blow Out
  • Xcite Pheromone Wipe
Snow Blow Brand
Snow Blow is a herbal powder designed to give...
Xcite Pheromone Wipe x3
Use an Xcite Pheromone wipe and you'll be...
Aphrodisia Smoking Mix
A powerful blend of sexually stimulating...
Powder Bottle & Spoon
This handy little bottle is big enough to hold...
Bullet Sniffer
This gem of an invention allows you to snort a...

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